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The Vancouver Life Real Estate Podcast Episode 10 - How's The Market? August 22, 2020 Edition

Dan Wurtele

Living in Vancouver for the past 26 years it has been exciting to watch it grow into one of the most desirable cities in the world...

Living in Vancouver for the past 26 years it has been exciting to watch it grow into one of the most desirable cities in the world...

Sep 4 33 minutes read

How's The Market?   August 22, 2020 Edition

The biggest question we get as Realtors is "How's The Market?"   And this comes from sellers, buyers, investors and those just curious about what's happening.  The Vancouver market moves quickly in the best of times, let alone during a global pandemic, record high unemployment and the worst recession since WWII.   And yet, we're seeing record sales volumes and price increases in many markets and across all property types.   In this episode we share our recent experiences and those of the industry professionals and mortgage brokers we interact with daily.  

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How's The Market?   August 22, 2020 Edition

Dan Wurtele  0:02  

Hi, and welcome to the Vancouver Live podcast. 

Ryan Dash  0:06  

This podcast is created to answer the most talked about questions when it comes to navigating the Vancouver real estate market. 

Dan Wurtele  0:12  

I'm your host, Dan Wurtele, a licensed agent and accredited Real Estate Investment Advisor based here in Vancouver, and I'm joined by my co host, Ryan Dash.

Ryan Dash  0:22  

Hi Dan. I'm also a local realtor and exhausted father of two, husband of one and really happy to be here.

Dan Wurtele  0:30  

Let's get right into today's episode. Hello and welcome back to the Vancouver life podcast. We are on episode 10 already so thank you to everyone who has listened 

Ryan Dash  0:43  

is it 10? 

Dan Wurtele  0:44  

it is 10 we were double digits.

Ryan Dash  0:47  

That's amazing. Today Dan and I are going to do something a little different. We're going to kind of get away from that 30 to 40 minute podcast and we want to try and give you a 10 minute little spiel or 15 depending on how long it goes and just talk about the state of the current market.

Dan Wurtele  1:02  

How's the market doing? It's probably the biggest question we get is real estate agents and it changes so quickly here that yeah, I think it would be fun to touch on it quite often. This will definitely be, I think, a reoccurring theme here. Yeah. So let's get into it. Ryan, how's the market? 

Ryan Dash  1:16  

Oh, man. I guess the easiest way to answer that is not what I expected and a lot hotter than I think everyone expected. 

Dan Wurtele  1:28  

For sure and this isn't this is a little bit beyond just you know, that your sort of flat statistics, you know, that are wildly important and we obviously do a very deep dive into those. The how's the market podcast here today, we're going to do more of a kind of boots on the ground real life experience. Yeah, right. This is this is what we are seeing day in and day out. This is what we're hearing from the agents that we speak with and see this is what our mortgage brokers and mortgage specialists are telling us and this is real world real life experiences that we want to share with you.

Ryan Dash  1:53  

Yeah, it's live action stuff. I mean, the stats like Dan said, are one thing. You get to they're latent though, right? So what we're talking about right now is what is happening right now and that's the kind of the anecdotal stories from from the realtors, all across the regions, including the ones that we have our stories that are and and just literally we want to talk about what's coming, right so that you guys can see what's coming and see what we see. 

Dan Wurtele  2:24  

Mm hmm, exactly. So there's like one quick way to sum it up is there's a meme floating around right now and it just says, you know, hey, real estate agent, what's the market like right now? And the real estate agent answers? Well, you remember what it was like trying to buy toilet paper back in May? Just like that. Yeah, so fairly accurate. Sure. How many of our clients or colleagues or friends talk about multiple offers these days? It's it's pretty much daily. 

Ryan Dash  2:52  

Yeah, I think it's, exactly that it's daily. It's happening all the time right now and it's happening across all different kinds of products. Type as well, you know, it's not just being singled out for one particular home type or in one area, we're seeing it across the board.

Dan Wurtele  3:08  

Yeah, Ryan and I, we don't limit ourselves to one neighborhood or area, we help our clients across the lower mainland and from doing that it really gives us perspective and experience of what's happening in neighborhoods all over the place and that kind of you know, I think it helps because you can kind of see what's coming for other neighborhoods, perhaps because they're further out or closer in and, you know, it's, you also see what happens with different property types in different neighborhoods and how they correlate to what's happening in corresponding and neighboring neighborhoods. 

Ryan Dash  3:36  

Yeah, I think when you service more than just one neighborhood, you actually get a much better picture of what the marketplace is doing. You know, if you service just the downtown core, you'll recognize that it seems like there's a lot of condos for sale and if you service the Port Moody area, you'll see that a lot of single family homes are selling and if you service both, you can kind of put the story together and understand that people are leaving the downtown core for more space and are choosing to go to places like Port Moody, so we are able to see the trends and the behavioral shift that's happening and I think that's a big thing and I think we should start with what we've been seeing recently Port Moody. 

Dan Wurtele  4:15  

Definitely. So we recently had a client who wanted to buy first and these are upsizer clients so they wanted to buy something, you know, four or five bedroom in about 4000 square foot home, specifically Heritage Mountain, Heritage Woods area so we're in Port Moody, we're a little bit up on the hill they're beautiful area predominantly detached market, but very limited supply. It's not the biggest area and it has low inventory right now and so while we shopped around for them for about a month and during this time, we saw three properties they liked all three sold in the first week and multiples we hadn't offered on any yet because they weren't quite ready and they were getting a taste for it and you know, they learnt quite quickly what the sort of heat levels were like out there and so when we finally found the one, we got into a five way multiple offer, and we weren't subject free, but we were the cleanest and the highest offer and we won it. It was great.

Ryan Dash  5:15  

What did you What did your clients maybe learn in that experience?

Dan Wurtele  5:20  

To take professionals advice. 

Ryan Dash  5:22  

Well, that's a big, big learning curve.

Dan Wurtele  5:24  

Yeah. Well, I mean, it won them their dream home. Right. You know, and that's not to try to come across cocky or anything. This is just look, this is what it's going to take to win this home. Do you want to do this or not? In a sense.

Ryan Dash  5:34  

Well, I mean, yeah, and I what I'm getting at is I think when people ask you, how's the market? You know, you're asking for professionals advice, and when you get that deep into it, you should really stay with the professionals advice, because it helps you win, right, especially when it gets hot like we're seeing right now and that's a little bit more to my point. We actually a little while back there. Well, actually weren't. Let's finish on Port Moody first 

Dan Wurtele  6:01  

okay Sure Sure. So these same buyers had to sell their home same neighborhood Heritage, Heritage Mountain there in Port Moody, smaller home right so three bed 2000 square feet but in a beautiful neighborhood extremely sought after. We also know the area was hot. So we did a very comprehensive pre campaign on this home marketing it extensively for a week before it hit the market. The day it hit the market we received oh and we were holding offers because we knew this was going to go into multiple so we we held offers we let everybody know this was publicly marketed to agents. First day on market we get three bully offers all over asking that's that's the demand for that area and also you know, we really did a job letting people know what this home was about inside and out 

Ryan Dash  6:46  

Some of those offers were also from people who hadn't even seen the home 

Dan Wurtele  6:50  

All three were or three for sight unseen. I mean they had seen it online which was you know, we had the the matterport the floor plans, the photos, the video, everything the drone, but they hadn't actually experienced it in person, yet they knew they wanted it so much and they knew how hard it is to get in that area that three offers came through. Yeah. Now, the rest of the week went like this. We did no open houses by request of the sellers, but we did private showings. So these are predominantly people who came through they are represented, they're pre qualified, they're good to go. In the five days leading up to offer day, we had 46 showings. 46 showings and then

Ryan Dash  7:29  

Of qualified buyers

Dan Wurtele  7:30  

these are qualified buyers, right? Because the buyer's agents don't wanna waste their time either.

Ryan Dash  7:33  

So it's safe to say then that now there are 45 still out there actively shopping who didn't get that home?

Dan Wurtele  7:40  

Correct Yeah. And of the 46 that came through 18 loved it so much. They came forward with an offer. Yeah. So on offer day we received 18 offers. six of those are subject free. I guess we should back up and just let people know this. This one was listed at 1,099,000. So a 1.1 home and it's a three bed. Three bed, three bath 2000 square feet on the 5600 square foot lot. Yeah. The winning offer was $104,000 over ask. 

Ryan Dash  8:08  

Wow, that's incredible. 

Dan Wurtele  8:09  

Yeah, so we got about 9% over ask for this seller.

Ryan Dash  8:13  

that's amazing. 

Dan Wurtele  8:14  

And just so everybody recognizes there was one offer that came in at ask the other 17 or over ask and just to reference the assessed value the assessed on this thing was like 1,000,064. So not one offer came in less than 35,000 over assessed and that was the worst offer that was still 100 grand short. 

Ryan Dash  8:35  

So if you're thinking of using assessed values, because you think they're going to help you in terms of pricing and educating yourself, you're almost doing yourself a disservice in the sense.

Dan Wurtele  8:46  

Yeah, if you offered it assessed, you would have been in position last

Ryan Dash  8:49  

right. So you'd have been just plowed.

Dan Wurtele  8:51  

Yeah, you wouldn't have had a shot. So that gives you an interesting sort of insight into what's happening in Port Moody, especially in the Heritage Woods area. extremely hot. 18 offers on that one property. 17 buyers still out there today looking for this because this just happened today is Saturday. This happened on Tuesday we took offers so

Ryan Dash  9:09  

and I was in the fortunate position I think of maybe meeting some of those buyers and another instance that happened out in Maple Ridge day later for me. I was on the buying side this time with clients. We were looking at a more modest home. out in Maple Ridge actually you can get like a 2200 square foot home that's five years old with a basement suite and a two car garage. They listed around 750 that kind of thing right? This property they also held offers six days on market. They had a tremendous amount of interest on offer day and I will say this Maple Ridge is a different marketplace than Port Moody. That being said on offer day they received three subject free offers. Ours was one of them. It was listed at 750,000 it was tax assessed at 730 and it sold for $810,000 and unfortunately, my guys didn't win that I tried to get them to a place where, you know, I thought it was going to be which was higher than where we were. With that being said, You know, I think it was really a good educational experience for them. I was, you know, it's one thing to coach your, your clients on on the condition of the market and what's actually happening out there, it's another for them to actually go through it and and experience it firsthand. Now going forward, you know, they understand just how competitive it is, and just the heat that they're up against, right and so now, you know, they're super active now they're getting out on their own they're going as, as as often as they can and knowing now that the list price is just a simple offering to the market.

Dan Wurtele  10:54  

And when you were offering on that I I texted a client of mine because they bought a very similar home, just three blocks. way one year ago, yeah. 709,000, 709,000. And 

Ryan Dash  11:05  

they've they're up about 100 K, 

Dan Wurtele  11:06  

it looks to be so yeah, I think your house was a little bigger but same bed bath and yeah, they could have as much as 100 K and equity just because they bought a year ago.

Ryan Dash  11:14  

I mean that that's incredible and one of the other stories I want to share that also happened to Maple Ridge. This was about a month and a half ago. But the reason I'm bringing it up is because it's indicative of buyers behavior. Those that took our advice. The market was heating up so much that we ended up getting beat left, right and center in Maple Ridge for some time and by about six weeks of looking my clients eventually found a home that they actually couldn't get into because of COVID restrictions. Despite me telling them to wait until we could get in they decided to make an offer sight unseen. We ended up purchasing the home, getting the home and taking possession of it just recently. I did a market analysis on that home and much to my surprise, they have already made roughly 70 to $80,000 on that purchase. Now, very, very risky. I would never ever really recommend that people buy homes sight unseen. It's too big of a purchase to do that, but if you have a higher risk tolerance and you understand what's going on in the marketplace, and you're looking to make money, that's an opportunity. Right. 

Dan Wurtele  12:31  

There you go. Now we're talking detached market and maybe people are thinking condos are just in the dumps right now. Well, I'll tell you a story that's very close to home for me because it happened in my building just last week. The 501 Pacific in Yaletown. It was a sort of a lipstick renovation on a west facing one bed I believe was the 10th floor. So nice place, you know, gosh, what is it about 625-650 square feet in good shape they put in new floors, they put a new countertop and new cabinets. So you know in decent shape listed for 699 it received three subject free offers and sold for 50,000 over ask. So great. Now, you know we've been kind of preaching that seems like you know, if you hit the market, you're going into multiples. Well, there was another unit or still is in the same building a different floor plan but still a one bed this one's facing east not west original condition listed for 699 and crickets. Alright, so two weeks later, they've now done a $50,000 reduction. 

Ryan Dash  13:33  

Is it the same sort of same sort of size? 

Dan Wurtele  13:35  

About 80 to 100 square feet smaller? Hmm. So they're now at 649 and haven't sold yet. 

Ryan Dash  13:42  

So they were overpriced to begin with. 

Dan Wurtele  13:43  

They were overpriced in original condition. Yeah. You know, so what we're seeing, of course, is good homes, priced well and marketed Well, yeah, sell very fast, right. So similar clients, you know, my clients looked at that property. They're looking for, you know, downtown And Fairview one bedrooms, up to about 675,000 of the five places we view that they've liked all five have sold multiple offers over ask medical and it's it's so interesting right now we looked at a an original condition 37 year old one bed loftstyle nice place, Fairview slopes 12 offers accepted over asking not one of those was subject free though, but it's just fascinating demand right now.

Ryan Dash  14:28  

So I think if let's let's throw the perspective here if if I'm a seller, and I'm thinking of putting my place on the market right now, and I know that the market is getting hotter, and I want the most for my property. What's the strategy that I should be employing right now? Should I be, you know, looking at that price curve as it's climbing and saying, Hey, I'm going to put my number up here and eventually I'm going to get that or should I be going the other way and seeing what's happening right now, where we've got properties that are listed either at Today's market value or maybe last month's market value, and you're seeing a tremendous amount of interest come in. 

Dan Wurtele  15:08  

Well, you just answered your own question

Ryan Dash  15:09  

I guess. Yeah, but I guess the reason I asked that is because a lot of sellers the mentality that they have is, is I want the most for my home and my home's the best, 

Dan Wurtele  15:19  

The strategy that really seems to work, especially lately, and especially in a hot market. If you have a nice property, and you price it just under market value, being what your what your agent values that add a true market value. If you list it under that you're going to get an immense amount of attention and you're going to get people through the home that now have an emotional connection to it and they want to now offer and of course, what happens on offer day is suddenly you might be competing now emotions get involved, and now the price starts to tick up because it's not buyer versus seller. It's buyer versus buyer versus buyer versus buyer.

Ryan Dash  15:53  

Right. And there's leverage, 

Dan Wurtele  15:55  

That's leverage. So where we're seeing the most success these days is just that strategy that tactic price under market value hold offers market strong, get people through the home, right? When you list too high people, they don't they don't take it seriously and of course, you just don't look good against the competition.

Ryan Dash  16:11  

And yeah, and people often just won't come until they feel that you're serious about selling it. Right. That's the other thing. Because a lot of people right now, maybe a couple years ago, we were looking at people who would be competing for condo to condo neighborhood, right? where let's say I was in Chinatown. And, you know, I could go down two blocks to Keefer street or I could come back up to I don't know, you'd come up up to Pender or something like that and you know, you're looking at a couple blocks difference here. I think what we're dealing with now is people are no longer looking at that couple blocks. They're now looking at, well, I don't even need to be downtown. Right. So now we've got to really rethink what we're doing with pricing. Because who's buying it? is a different buyer than maybe it was two years ago and I guess the other thing I want to talk about now is if I'm a buyer, and I'm looking to buy a property, you know, the mentality now that I'm going to be competing. So list prices, assessed values, they're all one thing. Mm hmm. market values and trusting the opinions and expertise of your realtor is what's actually gonna win home for you.

Dan Wurtele  17:25  

Yeah, yeah. And having an agent who's really done a deep dive into expectations on what's going to happen on offer day as well. You know, you'll see a lot of agents will give the listing agent a call and be like, how many offers are you expecting? How is he interested in how many sets of documents have gone out, because again, now, you're not fighting against the seller of that home, you're fighting against all the other buyers, you know, and if there's two or three that you're competing against, it's a very different world than if there's 18. That's very, very, very true. Let's talk a bit about mortgages and and kind of our professionals in that industry because of course, that's always a bit of a bit of a crystal ball into what's happening next. Right? Because as people get pre approved, generally right behind that comes a home purchase.

Ryan Dash  18:06  

Yeah, it's looking at the mortgage numbers is usually a very, very good indicator leading indicator as to what's going to happen in the very near future pilot mortgage group who, who I myself do a number of deals with, I put a lot of my clients in front of them, you know, speaking, just the high level with them the other day, they have over 100 million in pre approvals right now, with 28 million already funded and ready to go

Dan Wurtele  18:34  

100 million and how big is this group? How many brokers are they? 

Ryan Dash  18:38  


Dan Wurtele  18:38  

Wow. Okay, so you've got three mortgage brokers. Yeah. That have 100 million in pre approval and what's the average home price here? 

Ryan Dash  18:46  

One and a half 2 million.

Dan Wurtele  18:48  

Yeah, yeah, it can be so these guys are sitting on what looks to be somewhere in around 75 to 100 homes that are about to sell from this one group.

Ryan Dash  18:56  

Yeah, I mean, the vast majority you know, these guys really work with is is kind of that 800,000 up to 4 million. That's really their, their bread and butter. So, you know, when they tell me that they've got, you know, 100 million and in pre approvals it's, it's a significant amount of homes.

Dan Wurtele  19:13  

I've got a colleague at one of the top five banks, he's a mortgage specialist there high level 15 years in the business. He said he's done his entire 2019 in the first six months of 2020.

Ryan Dash  19:25  

What is going on?

Dan Wurtele  19:26  

Yeah, it's bizarre. It's bizarre. Well, did. You may have caught this headline just the other day. There were more homes sold last month in Canada than in any other month in history.

Ryan Dash  19:39  

Yeah. That's incredible. I mean, I know just about every time we've got on here and started this podcast, we've talked about a pandemic. Yeah. But did you ever think that a pandemic would be part of the recipe for prices to go up?

Dan Wurtele  19:52  

Yeah, well imagine a year ago. somebody threw out the question, hey, what's it going to take to sell the most homes ever in history and someone put up their hand and said, Well, we'd have to have a record high unemployment, we'd have to have the biggest recession since the second World War and we'd have to have a global pandemic. Like you think I was insane, 

Ryan Dash  20:10  

Yeah, you'd be asked to leave. 

Dan Wurtele  20:12  

Yeah. Right. And yet, that's exactly the environment we're into and that's what it's taken to achieve that incredible number.

Ryan Dash  20:18  

Yeah, and August is looking like it's gonna be even more crazy.

Dan Wurtele  20:22  

Well, here we go. Right. Normally, August is considered one of the slower months of the year based on on sales volume. You know, it's one of our nice months to enjoy.

Ryan Dash  20:34  

My family. I haven't seen them this month,

Dan Wurtele  20:36  

right. So you know, we will reference stats for fun because I love data. So here we are. Saturday, August 22. We've sold 2160 units this month so far in gvrd 

Ryan Dash  20:49  

Holy cow 

Dan Wurtele  20:50  

so we're on track to break 3000 so we're between 3030 100 ish 

Ryan Dash  20:54  

now do you remember July by comparison? 

Dan Wurtele  20:57  

Yes, of course. July in units was 3144 Wow. So it's gonna be just in line with that. But again, when we're talking about breaking records here, August numbers are on pace to either be between a three to five year high for that month. 

Ryan Dash  21:12  

That's incredible. 

Dan Wurtele  21:13  

And for gvrd. Yeah. 

Ryan Dash  21:14  

And that being said, we haven't seen a three to five year high in any month. Right. Right. So the fact that it's happening in one of the slowest months, I mean, yes, I do think that the property market was delayed, right. I mean, we did have a hiatus for about a month and a half. And did that just push everything? Maybe to some degree, right. But it's still the stats, you just can't ignore them.

Dan Wurtele  21:37  

Yeah, you know, and while we're predominantly talking about sort of your average home, let's call it 500 to 1.2 to 1.7 ish. It's always fun to touch on the luxury market as well, because there's been some undeniable stats out there lately that are worth sharing.

Ryan Dash  21:51  

And it's important to pay attention to these stats too, because these can move the market too right these are big dollar volume. Sorry, big Dollar numbers that are moving and they're moving quickly.

Dan Wurtele  22:03  

Yeah, that the one that we discussed in her tvl report last month was this beautiful home and Shaughnessy at 1389, the crescent, the highest or sorry, yeah, the highest sold number for 2020. You know, this home was listed at 17,280,000 and that's the one that went into multiples and sold for 120 K or so 17.4 for this home and sold in 11 days. Neat. 

Ryan Dash  22:30  

Now, it's funny though, if we can just if you can detach yourself from that $17 million number and understand that pricing is still super important at 17 million. It's just as important that 700,000 right. So, you know, don't think that just because you're rich, you can throw money around. That's just not how it works, right? These are very, very skilled people who are trying to determine value at this price point. It's no different.

Dan Wurtele  23:01  

So one that just happened last week. Good reference. 2990 Palmerston. So this is in the ultimate neighborhood of West Van listed for 14.88. sold in three days for 13.7 Wow. So I mean, again, just demand demand demand. And sure you're like, Oh, it's sold for a million under ask well, okay, cool. But it also sold for 2 million over assessed 

Ryan Dash  23:24  

and in three days

Dan Wurtele  23:25  

three days. Yeah. So yeah, even even the luxury market. I mean, again, we saw 33% of the homes over 7 million sell last month.

Ryan Dash  23:33  

Right. So just before we kind of wrap up here, I think one thing I want to just touch on are the idea of COVID deals. A lot. I think as as COVID took over, I think a lot of people were under the impression that they were going to get a good deal on a property and that's just proven to not be the case. I you know, I think a lot of people were hoping that they were going to be able to ascertain property for significantly less. But what they weren't paying attention to was that a year and a half before that we just gone through a major correction. Right. And sellers were just not prepared to take any less. That's the other side of it, too. So the market came back, and interest rates dropped. That was a big, big part of it and as such, now it's turned into a competitive environment going the other way.

Dan Wurtele  24:24  

Yeah, I think, you know, imagine when, when people ask, how's the market from the buyer side? They're always asking, when can I buy a house for the best price? In essence, right? When's it gonna go down and I can buy at the bottom? Yeah, we all know how challenging it is to try and time the market and we always will continue to repeat ourselves. It's not timing the market. It's time in the market, because that's proven itself literally hundreds of thousands of times over Yeah. Now, imagine you bought a home in March, early March of this year and, you know, two weeks later, you're in a global pandemic and you're in shutdown, you would probably be freaking out thinking, oh my god, I just bought it the worst time. That's right. The bottom is about to drop out. Yeah. Well, guess what, here we are six months later and, and prices are, right. So it's, again, don't worry about timing the market, worry about, you know, working with a great agent who's gonna get you into the home that you love. It's not like you're gonna go and buy something you don't like, buy the home you love and enjoy paying down your mortgage for the next seven to 10 years. Yeah, that's gonna get you the best results. 

Ryan Dash  25:22  

Ywah people are looking at a lifestyle change, I think the pandemic has has has done that it's it's brought to light the way you're living your life and there's value in the way you live your life and there's value where you live your life. Right, and they add I think that's more important now because you're spending more time in that real estate than you were ever before. You know, it was it was split up before with your office time or your whatever you do for work. But now that's that's changed and it will change fundamentally going forward. Mm hmm.

Dan Wurtele  25:54  

Right and then on the other side, right when a seller asks, How is the market Should I sell now Should I wait, what should I do? Well, again, we it's always such a moving target of course, for example, you know, this normally slow August is on pace to be a five year record high. 

Ryan Dash  26:09  

Right, so put it on. 

Dan Wurtele  26:11  

So it's very important to have, you know, an educated real estate agent analyze the home and talk strategy with you. Yeah. Right. Because it's very clear that with a good marketing strategy and a well priced home, you're going to sell in a week right now. Yeah, no question. Yeah. You know, and if you make 

Ryan Dash  26:25  

emphasis on the first part, though, yeah, just not just because you have a property, right? It's got to be priced very well and it's also got to be marketed exceptionally well, because there's competition now. Right? So now you got to really, really pay attention to what you're doing.

Dan Wurtele  26:39  

And I think, you know, great agents will show you time and again, that if you're worrying about holding for a bit longer to try and time the market to make that extra 2, 3, 4 or 5%. Well guess what the right marketing and offer strategy? Well, we just saw something go for 9% higher last week. 

Ryan Dash  26:54  

That's right, 

Dan Wurtele  26:54  

you know, so how long would it take you to get that 9% just by waiting for the market as opposed to marketing strategizing your home properly. That's right. Yeah, that's how sellers can maximize it in almost any market. Right? And again, there's gonna be $1 figure that works for you or doesn't, right? That's where the decision is, is what what is your net? What is your bottom line 

Ryan Dash  27:10  

and be open to, to what the statistics are telling you. Because there's oftentimes I'll have conversations with people and they just don't like what they're hearing. But I can't change that. It's it's reality, right? It's our job to make sure you're properly informed, so that you have the capacity to make the right decisions. You know, we can't make miracles happen. But we know strategies that can maximize the value of your properties. 

I think that's a great place to end up said very well. Awesome.

Well, thanks again for tuning in. Really liking this 1015 minutes style podcast and there'll be many more coming in a short while. 

Dan Wurtele  27:48  

We're at 27 minutes. We tried, we tried. Thanks again. Bye bye.

Ryan Dash  27:59  

That wraps up This edition of The Vancouver Life podcast.

Dan Wurtele  28:04  

For more information on this podcast and to access a ton of free downloads, investment opportunities, current market info and homes for sale. You can find it all at

Ryan Dash  28:19  

Thanks and we look forward to bringing you more podcasts about Vancouver real estate

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