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The Vancouver Life Real Estate Podcast - Episode 1

Dan Wurtele

Living in Vancouver for the past 26 years it has been exciting to watch it grow into one of the most desirable cities in the world...

Living in Vancouver for the past 26 years it has been exciting to watch it grow into one of the most desirable cities in the world...

Jun 23 20 minutes read

Welcome To The Vancouver Life Real Estate Podcast

In the first Vancouver Life Real Estate Podcast we share insights into who will most benefit from listening to this podcast, what type of questions we'll be answering, who will be interviewed, what kind of take-aways you can expect to get and how to implement those into your Real Estate activities. The podcast wraps up talking about what The Vancouver Life is and the Core Values that drive us.

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Welcome To The Vancouver Life Real Estate Podcast


Dan Wurtele  0:02  

Hi, and welcome to the Vancouver Live podcast. This podcast is

Ryan Dash  0:06  

created to answer the most talked about questions when it comes to navigating the Vancouver real estate market.

Dan Wurtele  0:12  

I'm your host, Dan Wurtele, a licensed agent and accredited Real Estate Investment Advisor based here in Vancouver, and I'm joined by my co host, Ryan Dash.

Ryan Dash  0:22  

Hi Dan. I'm also a local realtor an exhausted father of two, husband of one and really happy to be here.

Dan Wurtele  0:30  

Let's get right into today's episode.

Hello and welcome. Here we are. This is the very first podcast for the Vancouver life. I think right off the top we want to say thank you so much for tuning in and having a listen.

Ryan Dash  0:47  

Yeah, the podcast is definitely new for both Dan and I and something that we're very excited about. Really, the whole kind of purpose here is for us to kind of act as your guides through the home buying process whether you're buying a first time or whether you're doing a move up or move down, you know that that kind of transaction, we're here to show you the steps and the processes and much, much more.

Dan Wurtele  1:13  

That sounds great. So yeah, Ryan, let's kind of First let people know who is this podcast for.

Ryan Dash  1:19  

ya, the podcast is primarily for people looking to buy or sell really any kind of real estate, whether it's a first timer, you know, this is your fifth property. We're here to provide you with clarity and a path on how to do that. And then to look at the much bigger picture of the real estate market as well.

Dan Wurtele  1:40  

For sure, we also have a lot of investment knowledge that we're looking to share real estate is known as being one of the safest potential investments out there and the Vancouver market is no exception to that. So we will certainly be catering this podcast to investors both, you know, new and old.

Ryan Dash  1:57  

Yeah, I think there's also you know, For a lot of Vancouverites, whether you own a home or you don't, it does dominate a lot of our conversations. And I do think that real estate is a very curious thing that people in Vancouver love to chat about. So it's also for those who who find real estate, you know, interesting.

Dan Wurtele  2:16  

Yeah, I don't think he can go a day in Vancouver without seeing some type of real estate news in the headlines. And, you know, I think we're here to help not only read the headlines, but read much deeper than those and sort of peel back the layers and really get to the meat of what's truly happening, both on the ground and on a sort of more macro landscape.

Ryan Dash  2:36  

Yeah, I mean, you know, you often read a headline and then you've got to ask yourself, if that's congruent with the statistics that that we get, not necessarily in real time but but much closer to that.

Dan Wurtele  2:48  

So specifically, what kind of questions Do you think we'll be answering for people?

Ryan Dash  2:54  

Well, I think a lot of people want to know whether or not it's a good time to buy. I think that's likely the predominant question in a lot of people's minds. And whether or not the time is now or the time is later, or did I miss it?

Dan Wurtele  3:09  

Yeah, I think that's always a big one, you know, should I rent should I buy? Or, you know, should I sell what's happening in the marketplace that dictates when I'm either going to get the best deal? Or the highest sale price.

Ryan Dash  3:20  

Totally! And then I think we'll look at, you know, other maybe some bigger questions like, why is Vancouver so expensive? You know, and, and especially compared to what we earn, you know, there's other very expensive real estate markets around the world. But why is the disparity so big here? Things like that?

Dan Wurtele  3:39  

Mm hmm. Yeah, I think that'll help lead to questions like, what can I afford? You know, and how do you how do I take the steps to find out what I can afford?

Ryan Dash  3:48  

Yeah, and great, you know, a home costs a million or $2 million. I don't have that much money. So how much money do I actually need to buy that home? You know, is it 5% down As at 10%, what does that mean to me?

Dan Wurtele  4:01  

Yeah, exactly. And I think, you know, from the seller standpoint, again, like we touched on when's the best time, but also, how do I maximize my home's value to get the highest sale price?

Ryan Dash  4:11  

Totally? Like, am I renovating my kitchen before I'm selling it? Or should I just sell it as is? You know, I think these are questions that a lot of sellers often entertain prior to going to market.

Dan Wurtele  4:23  

I think, too, when we look at Vancouver, you know, like most cities, we are a subset of a lot of different and very almost independently operating neighborhoods. So we're going to dive into some of those and kind of help uncover Where are the emerging neighborhoods, where are the best places to potentially well not only live but maybe invest in as well. Yeah.

Ryan Dash  4:39  

Yeah. Or maybe you know, you're looking to buy that forever home. You don't need to be in an emerging neighborhood. You want to be in a very established one and you're looking to plant roots for a generation. You know, we'll also look because Vancouver has those neighborhoods as well.

Dan Wurtele  4:55  

And what's what's influencing not only the neighborhood growth but you know, price increase or pricing duction you know what I mean? Are we talking about schools in the neighborhood? Are we talking about jobs? What's happening next door? Are there plans going up or other things being torn down?

Ryan Dash  5:08  

Yeah. And I think I'd like to also talk about, you know, some of just the general process that some of these people will go through, like, how do I even pick a good realtor? I mean, I'm a little biased, as I think so were you Dan. But that being said, you know, there is a process and there is a way to check out if the person does know what they're doing and whether or not they can help you. For sure.

Dan Wurtele  5:29  

I think those are all great questions, and we look forward to helping answer all of those. You know, I think also, there's gonna be some very specific discussion topics. You know, I think Vancouver is a very fast moving market. One of the reasons that we're going to be bringing this podcast to you weekly is because the data moves fast, and we want to help share very timely and very relevant information.

Ryan Dash  5:53  

Yeah, I think, you know, just a little anecdote here in 2008 after the Biggest crash, if you will, the time to rebound where prices were above where they were, before the 2008 drop, only took six months. And so understanding the monthly stats, the updates, being in tune with those and whether or not they are timely is going to affect your decision making is something that we will absolutely be having discussions about.

Dan Wurtele  6:22  

Mm hmm. I think that's a great example. You know, we also were recently hit with the big insurance fiasco, you know, and that changed things very quickly. And, you know, there was certain information that was very pertinent for clients to know to help avoid potential pitfalls.

Ryan Dash  6:38  

Totally the same with COVID. Really, I mean, COVID-19 certainly changed the statistics. But again, unless you know how to look at them, and unless you know what you're looking at, specifically, and having dissected it, you might think things are at one place when really, you know, we're still seeing multiple offers and We're still seeing property flying off the shelf. Mm hmm.

Dan Wurtele  7:03  

Yeah. Outside of the the stats and data, we're also going to look at things like the pre sales that are out there and analyzing of, Hey, is a pre sale potentially better for you than a resale and why?

Ryan Dash  7:14  

Yeah, and the kind of city planning that goes around that, because, as you know, pre sales are typically in an emerging market. And if that is the case, we want to know, what if anything that's doing to transit routes to schools in the area, to new restaurants, etc.

Dan Wurtele  7:32  

Exactly, you know, the economic data that we'll share is going to be both micro and macro. And while we will look at not only a provincial and a national and a global economic data, we are really hyper focused on the Vancouver market and the Vancouver real estate markets. We'll be focusing and sharing data predominantly about that.

Ryan Dash  7:52  

Yeah, and I think, you know, doing this weekly is gonna make a big difference for people as you'll start to do Develop a trend and really understand what's happening right now on the ground as we report back to you every week, the things that have changed. And maybe the things that haven't. But you know, I think the podcast is also going to take a, you know, a turn in terms of who we're speaking to, you know, ultimately, we'll talk about who we are and kind of where we come from. But also, you know, we're gonna bring lenders on to onto this the show so that they can kind of give you a perspective and educate you around financing and educate you around and insured mortgage and how does that change what you buy, etc.

Dan Wurtele  8:38  

Absolutely, you know, real estate is about a team, you know, there's certain professionals in each have their own rights, but you know, it takes it takes it takes a village, you know, I mean, and so we look at, we like to bring in the professionals in a whole bunch of different industries so that we can really give you the most educated point of view from each of those and lenders is a great example. I think we'll also be talking with some economists.

Ryan Dash  9:02  

Yeah. And and other investors that maybe have gone before you some of the lessons that they've learned, you know, market analysis that they've looked into, and how, you know, we prepare information for investors. I think another big one that I would really like to touch on is inspectors. You know, we have we have great, we work with some great inspectors and bringing you some stories about either the horror stories or or the great ones and things to watch for and what you can learn from that.

Dan Wurtele  9:35  

Mm hmm. And I think obviously, the legal aspect is a very important part of the real estate transaction. And so we will be bringing in some real estate specific lawyers to help share their stories and to share their information to again help you be more educated buyer or seller and Hey, I also think too we'll have a bit of fun right? Not only are we going to do some giveaways and books and whatnot, probably some food everyone loves that. But, you know, I think our guests are going to have some great things to give away as well to help keep this interesting and fun. 

Ryan Dash  10:06  


Dan Wurtele  10:07  

So yeah, I think, again, by bringing in professionals by Ryan and I doing what we do, and by keeping this thing weekly, the information that we're gonna be sharing is gonna be very timely. You know, that's part of what we're looking to do. As we mentioned earlier, things move quick here. And we want to be able to keep you as educated and on the cutting edge as possible.

Ryan Dash  10:27  

There's also another side to this podcast that I think can be very helpful. You know, we're going to organize a certain set of episodes. It's a lot of evergreen content, things that you'll always need to know when it comes to buying real estate. So things like the process when it comes to buying, what do I do and how do I do it and the same for when you're selling a home. You know, we're going to create these episodes for you so that you can tune in and you can listen to those and understand and maybe get prepared so that when you do enter the timely market, you are ready to go and that you do have that path.

Dan Wurtele  10:59  

Mm hmm. That's very well said and yeah, you know, real estate, especially if you haven't bought or sold before, it can be a little bit scary or you can have a lot of questions. And, you know, we really want to be able to help provide the sort of step by step guide that you require to make it not scary, so that you feel both educated and sophisticated and making all of your decisions.

Ryan Dash  11:21  

Yeah, I mean, it's, it's really important part of the evergreen content anyways. And then we're gonna look at, you know, specific information, and inside information that we can get in terms of, maybe there's some new products entering the market, and that would be on the lending side, or also on on the product side, in terms of homes as well.

Dan Wurtele  11:44  

Mm hmm. And again, let's touch on things like the insurance issue that we recently all went through. Again, this information can potentially literally save you thousands if not 10s of thousands of dollars. 

Ryan Dash  11:56  

Yeah, absolutely. So yeah, so I guess In terms of actionable steps, what can our listeners expect? In terms of what are they going to get out of this?

Dan Wurtele  12:09  

Hmm, I think you touched on a good one earlier, Ryan, when we we often have clients come to us and say, Look, I've got $30,000 I'm looking to do a renovation to help increase the value of my home before I sell it. Where is the best place to spend that money?

Ryan Dash  12:23  

Yeah, or not spend it, and maybe the best decision is to save it, and use it towards your next purchase. Right. That's something that, you know, we will definitely look at and why go one route over the other? You know, ultimately, when you when you put the tactical things aside, I think really, you know, we're creating this to empower our listeners so that when it is their time, they are ready, and that they can call us too if they have questions with respect to whatever that process is, or maybe you just use another episode.

Dan Wurtele  12:56  

Perfect. That's really good. Okay, so I think we've given Pretty good idea of who's going to benefit from listening to this podcast, the type of people we're going to be interviewing and the topics we'll be covering. So quickly to wrap this up, let's talk a little bit about what the Vancouver life is.

Ryan Dash  13:13  

Yeah, the Vancouver life is a company that Dan and I have formed. And, and ultimately, we have some core values that we truly believe in. And a lot of the work that we're going to present to you comes from a place that, you know, for example, number one is providing exceptional service. You know, that's something that lives inside of Dan and I when it comes to dealing with our clients, and things that you can expect in terms of how we endeavor to get you answers.

Dan Wurtele  13:41  

Mm hmm. Number two on that core value list is an unwavering work ethic. That's something that we both pride ourselves deeply in. I was born and raised into a family with, with a work ethic that I've, you know, barely seen elsewhere. So it's kind of in my blood, but it's something that we truly enjoy the Delivering and we think that that's what clients deserve.

Ryan Dash  14:02  

Yes, we're a little strange or maybe masochistic like that we like to work all the time. But again, it hopefully shows the things that we're bringing here because it's what we are who we are we're dedicated to bringing constant improvements and and a constant knowledge growth to you guys, our listeners.

Dan Wurtele  14:25  

Mm hmm. And I think you know, number four, even though we created this, gosh, I think in 2019 it rings true now more than ever, and that's about not only creating but nurturing human connections and you know, post COVID are sort of on the tail end of it here we How much do we miss human connection, you know, so that's something that we have always really prided ourself on and really enjoy nurturing, and I think it means more now than it ever has.

Ryan Dash  14:52  

Yeah, I couldn't agree more. Another one that's kind of maybe a bit obvious. But it's something that may get missed a lot is we want to develop and provide you guys with opportunity, maybe something you're going to hear about first here, maybe and that might be through a guest that we bring on with respect to a particular project, or maybe a, you know, financing products that are coming down the pipeline that will be available a month from now kind of thing. You know, these are opportunities for our listeners that we want to provide. And it's part of our, our core values as to who we are.

Dan Wurtele  15:30  

Definitely. And I think we can also include things like investment opportunities, and top of the line, presale access, things like this that are truly important that you know, when you're making money on the buy, and we can help get you there in front of other people. We think that's a nice added value that we can give you guys

Ryan Dash  15:46  

yeah. And ultimately, at the end of the day, we really care about our community. This is about nurturing and educating the community around us so that we can all prosper together and endeavor. In our real estate

Dan Wurtele  16:02  

goals, exactly, I think lastly is one that means a lot to us, of course, and that's being the guide. You know, You are the hero here. We're just here to help guide you through the process.

Ryan Dash  16:14  

Yeah, we're, we're telling your story.

It's your story. And it's, I wouldn't say our path, but it's a path that's gone with many people prior to you.

Dan Wurtele  16:26  

Well, here we are. So that is the Vancouver life in a nutshell and what you can expect from this podcast. We thank you again so much for tuning in to episode one. And we're really excited to bring you episode number two.

Ryan Dash  16:38  

Yeah, Episode Two will likely be on a very timely topic, and we're looking forward to diving right in, stay tuned.

That wraps up this edition of the Vancouver life podcast.

Dan Wurtele  16:54  

For more information on this podcast and to access a ton of free downloads, investment opportunity current market info and homes for sale. You can find it all at

Ryan Dash  17:09  

thanks and we look forward to bringing you more podcasts about Vancouver real estate

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